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Monday, July 16th 2012

6:26 AM

Preteen pornography


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From: Dan Perducci
Subject: College Town Part EightCollege Town (Part Eight)
By Dan Perducci
danperducciyahoo.co.ukThe evening overwhelmed me now that Garrett and I were locked in the
tightest embrace.His shivering dissipated; I struggled to steady the both of us. I felt
his warm tears when he brushed his face against mine. Our bodies swayed
and we pressed our bodies even tighter.I felt warmed because I was helping a fellow human being. This feeling
was tempered by small nn preteens feelings that I was also taking advantage of poor
Garrett. He, after all, was practically a homeless teen who threw his
little family into turmoil.We parted and sat next to afrikan preteen pix each other on my couch."Do you mind if I smoke?" he asked.I was not really fond of that habit and would have normally asked any
other smoker to stand outside the door. I could not ask Garrett to step
outside for a myriad of reasons. I was too wrapped up in thought to even
lecture the kid about the dangers of cigarettes and tobacco. Instead, I
walked into the kitchen and grabbed a discarded soda can for him to use
for an ashtray."Can I be honest with you, Chad?""Please do.""Nick and I are very close friends. Dad always thought that he was the
bad influence -- being `gothic' and all. He caught us kissing. We
only wanted to know what it would be like to kiss another guy.""So, are you...""Perhaps.""Well, your Dad...""Overreacted. So what if I was curious?""But you are, right?""It feels good, if that's what you're getting at," Garrett said, like
he was releasing himself of a heavy burden, "What model preteen angel about you? What does
your girlfriend...""It's over."
"I'm sorry."Garrett took another drag from his cigarette. They came from a pack of
the cheapest brand that could be found in the store. The half-empty pack
looked as rumpled and worn as he did at the moment.The next day, Monday was going to be another school day for me. I
excused myself to my bedroom to study. I handed my remote control to
Garrett so he could entertain himself.Hours went by and I did enough ready to settle preteens angels nn myself down to sleep.
Previous tension disappeared and I started to clear my books and my notes
from the bed.I undressed into my normal bed clothing -- a plain t-shirt and pair of
boxers. I turned on the air conditioner in my window and slipped
underneath the covers.I reached over to my nightstand and turned on my radio. I tuned it to
the local college station. The preteen bikini softcore
DJs were playing Talking Heads, The
Damned, and Joy Division. These groups reminded me of my friends in high
school. They were always looking for that sensation that didn't hit the
Top 40 radar. I took interest in this music again because it reminded me
of simpler days that older people refer to longingly. The funny thing is
-- I was starting to have that same nostalgia.My eyes were closed for a few minutes when sleep took over my senses. I
was unaware of the body that climbed into bed with me.Garrett's stubbly legs brushed against mine during the course of the
night. Our bodies randomly rolled about on the bed. We were mindless of
each other's presence except for the occasional contact that one's
unconscious erection made against the other's dozing form.I awoke sporadically through the night to take my share of the covers and
rolled back over to sleep. Garrett did his share of capturing the
sheets. I don't blame him, though. The air conditioning gave my
bedroom an arctic blast that was absent in the tepid living room.Although I was dreaming, I was in tune with the rhythm of the breathing
next to me. Each heavy inhale and exhale made itself obvious with the
rise and fall of the mattress. I continued to sleep away the night with
him.In the dream that I remember from that model preteen angel night, I was at the beach. I was
in a lifeguard station. I looked through binoculars around the shore. I
watched the birds flying by. I paid close attention to the bathers small nn preteens in
the water. I looked down and discovered that I was surrounded by water.
I was in the middle of the ocean.I woke up to something strange but pleasurable.
Garrett was behind me and was holding me in the spooning position. He
was clothed in only his underwear and was pressing himself into my
backside. preteens porn boys
His arms held me close to him. I felt his warm breath on my
neck.Who was corrupting whom?TO BE CONTINUED
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Monday, July 16th 2012

12:00 AM

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